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Coffee, The Universe and Everything …..

We are delighted to announce 2 very special lectures from Kielder Observatory founder Gary Fildes at Harvest, Jesmond!

Wednesday 27th August : Universe
What is it? How big is it? Where did it come from? How will it end? These questions have occupied minds since the dawn of time. Tonight, Gary Fildes Director and Founder of the Kielder Observatory, will take us all on a whistle-stop tour of the science that has revealed the most awe-inspiring story of the evolution of the universe.

Wednesday 10th September : Life in the Universe?
A question: Are we alone in the universe? Science believes we could be. Come along and listen to Gary Fildes, Founder and Director of Kielder Observatory, tell the story about the potential for life elsewhere and the mind-bending science being employed to help us answer humankinds oldest question.

Tickets for both events are available direct from Harvest only and limited to just 50 for each evening and priced £6 with our full menu available until Gary’s talk starts at 7.30. There will be an intermission with drinks. 

HARVEST. 91 St George’s Tce, Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE2 2DN