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Buno – Ethiopia



Tropical Hops – Citrus – Sweet Bananas

Origin – Ethiopia
Region – Hambella – Guji
Variety – Heirloom
Altitude – 2320 masl
Method – Natural Processed

The washing station is located at 2320masl and the total production from this site is around 600 bags of coffee. This area of Guji is one of the most exciting in all of Ethiopia, with very high altitudes and young, vigorous plants. This area of Hambella has only recently started producing coffee and since production started relatively recently, the plants are still young and full of health, the slow growth and maturity means that the cup quality in the area is outstanding.

Cherry delivered to this station is sorted, washed and floated before being placed on raised beds
to dry. The cooler temperatures at this altitude means that the naturals take a long time to dry,
around 40 days, and Abiyot and the station manager take care to make sure the intense light at
this altitude doesn’t damage the cherry and so coffee is covered during the middle of the day.

Tasting Notes

These tiny Heirloom beans burst with flavour and produce a coffee of exceptional quality, full of surprises. Expect tropical IPA hop flavours with a bright and juicy body cooling to ripe bananas.

Customer guarantee and delivery policy

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery of your freshly roasted coffee

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