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Foundry No. 1



Please note: Our deadline for orders online will be at midday Tuesday 19th Dec to allow us time to process, pack and post your coffee in time for Christmas. The Roastery closes on Friday 22nd and we will be back open online from Wednesday 3rd Jan 2024!


Our Foundry No.1 house blend is an ideal everyday coffee, based on a classic espresso flavour profile but suitable for all preparation methods


Foundry No. 1 is our signature espresso blend, named after our start up Roastery on Foundry Lane in the heart of Newcastle’s vibrant Ouseburn Valley.

Our premium blend consists of 40% Brazilian Santos, 40% El Salvador and 20% Sumatran Lintong. All of the components are RFA certified and have been specifically chosen for their exceptional quality and complimentary flavours and texture.

This balance ensures Foundry No.1 it works very well in all brewing methods, this is an excellent every day coffee; helping to bridge the gap between traditional espresso blends and contemporary specialty coffee.

A mid-light roast profile with rich chocolate and praline flavours and a subtle all spice finish. Perfectly balanced, full bodied, smooth cup.

Customer guarantee and delivery policy

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery of your freshly roasted coffee

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