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Foundry No. 1 – 300g




Foundry No. 1 is our signature espresso blend and consists of 40% Brazilian Santos, 40% El Salvador and 20% Sumatran Lintong. All of the components are certified and have been specifically chosen for their exceptional qualities.

Key characteristics for Central American coffees are sweet and well balanced with a pleasing soft acidity. South American coffees tend to be low in acidity, heavy in body and sweet, often with chocolate and nutty flavours. Indonesian coffees have a characteristic heavy bodied earthy, woody and spicy profile with a grapefruit finish.

The balance of F1 ensures it works well in all brewing methods – a solid all-rounder that can be drunk with almost all brewing methods – commercial and domestic. This balance was discovered through extensive road-testing and market research. F1 is an excellent introductory coffee; helping to bridge the gap from traditional italian espresso blends to contemporary specialty coffee.

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